Máy KAIMING giúp xây dựng nông thôn mới xã hội chủ nghĩa

(Mô tả tóm tắt) IMM nhựa lớn KAIMING PD3088-KX, với ánh sáng ban ngày siêu lớn, là một trong những IMM lớn hiếm hoi trong ngành. Sau khi phân tích phần tử hữu hạn của trục lăn máy và bản lề máy, cường độ hợp lý và phân bố ứng suất đồng đều, làm giảm sự biến dạng của bề mặt khuôn trong quá trình kẹp khuôn, giúp kẹp khuôn ổn định hơn và độ chính xác cao hơn.

In recent years, the county economy has been vigorously developed, and the rural economy has developed rapidly, but the traditional extensive rural economic development model has not been fundamentally changed. Many environmental problems are becoming increasingly prominent. The rural ecological environment is worrying, and the quality of the rural environment has deteriorated further. , Not only threatens the health of the peasants, but also restricts the further development of the rural economy. To build a new socialist countryside, only by strengthening the control of rural environmental pollution can we effectively promote the sustainable development of rural society.

Faced with the increasingly serious and dirty environmental pollution in rural areas, septic tanks have an irreplaceable decisive role in rural construction. No matter people or animals, as long as they live for a day, they must eat, drink and sleep. The septic tank can process the feces, which can effectively eliminate and control the pollution of the feces to the environment.

Among the many septic tank injection molding production enterprises, KAIMING machine's septic tanks manufactured with its high-tech technology are scientific, light in material and good in tightness. Features of acid and corrosion resistance. It has become one of the injection products favored by many KAIMING customers.

KAIMING PD3088-KX large plastic IMM, with super large daylight, is one of the rare large IMMs in the industry. After the finite element analysis of the machine platen and machine hinge, the strength is reasonable and the stress distribution is uniform, reducing the deformation of the mold surface during mold clamping, making the mold clamping more stable and higher accuracy.

Using a stable double-drawer guide rod type shooting unit makes the positioning of the injection barrel more accurate, the injection is more stable, and the probability of deformation of the barrel is greatly reduced. It is equipped with special screws for different engineering plastics, which is suitable for different process requirements of customers.

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